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Title: (Answered) (Errata) Tech rating of support vehicle heatsinks
Post by: plotvitalnpc on 15 February 2022, 00:53:13
Is it intended that support vehicle single heatsinks are listed as tech rating D on page 280 while introtech single heatsinks for all other categories of vehicle are tech rating C (as listed from page 277 to 283 in their respective charts), or is this a result of an error?

I have noticed, in particular, that from page 29-30 of the techmanual errata doc, it is noted that all single heatsinks were originally labeled as tech-d in the techmanual, but they were all corrected to tech-C at some point, and this errata has seemingly been included in subsequent printings, including my own copy of the techmanual. This discrepancy makes it so that no support vehicle could ever have used an energy weapon prior to the advent of tech rating D, particularly since support vehicles receive no free heatsinks even when using a fusion reactor.

Is this simply something that has been missed in previous errata passes, or are single heatsinks for support vehicles genuinely intended to be several centuries more advanced than the ones used in everything from industrialmechs, to battlemechs, to small craft, ASFs, and warships?
Title: Re: (Research) Tech rating of support vehicle heatsinks
Post by: Xotl on 09 March 2022, 14:27:39
They should be tech rating C.