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Author Topic: Aidan Pryde leads the Falcon Guards through Olalla (3052- Colorized)  (Read 2890 times)


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I won a game as Jade Falcons in a city against a Inner Sphere horde, so I thought a cool pic was in order.

Aidan Pryde leads the Falcon Guards through Olalla (3052- Colorized)


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That map game is obviously en pointe. The rest of the building terrain is really something. You went full tilt at high-rises and didn't hold back. I salute you. What sources and methods did you use to put your table scenario together?
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Wow! That's some setup, nice going!
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Wow. All around sweet
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As much I enjoy Citytech and all quirky rules for pavement and building, I yet have to build real urban landscape. My biggest worry is all the space i would need to store buildings. I have some rectangular blocks, which are rather easy to tetris in a small box, but not sometgint like those. Are those building modular?

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That looks awesome!  Great job!

Please share more on what went into putting that together. 


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That is an awesome map! I definitely need to start building an urban setup