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Author Topic: Taking the Bull By the Horns: Taurus Rising  (Read 121642 times)


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Re: Taking the Bull By the Horns: Taurus Rising
« Reply #600 on: 05 February 2023, 05:35:12 »
Yep! Quite pleased to see nothing terrible happened to the Bulls (or rather, that they didn't do anything terrible to themselves again) for once. I'd definitely like to see something that explains what exactly transpired between Hadji Doru taking off to the Magistracy and Kaff Doru becoming Protector.

I know we're fans of, well, peripheral factions in the setting, but it'd be nice to get some filling in on the Fronc Reaches and Filtvelt as well as the TC/CP.

yeah the Taurians had kind of become a bit of a one note joke for years, it's nice to see thats changing