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Author Topic: Davion March Organization Question  (Read 2296 times)


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Re: Davion March Organization Question
« Reply #30 on: 09 December 2020, 07:26:16 »
Well Victor's first child has claims on the Kurita throne as well. Kitsune Steiner-Davion-Kurita. So if the Dragon gets punished will Alaric put him on the throne? After all he would be a legitimate successor of Theodore's bloodline. Though I think Julian should run the Fedsuns he seems to have his act together

And well in a way the group "Citizen for Davion pruity" were right in a fashion: Caleb did bring the Suns to his knees and he was a definetly not a "pure" Davion. Now we have a "pure" Davion who is trying to somehow keep the Suns alive. With the support of a wannabe Sandoval (unless Erik died during the Combine invasion of New Avalon)

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Re: Davion March Organization Question
« Reply #31 on: 09 December 2020, 11:23:28 »
Only way you can get a 'pure' Davion is to follow Daoshen's example . . . Caleb was 1/8th Steiner . . . rest was 'Suns' all the way with Hasek and Sandoval genes going back.

I like MWDA & Bonfire Julian . . . the one we got in the novella was somebody else.

And just like any of the other current rulers (except Yori) he needs a HEIR.
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Re: Davion March Organization Question
« Reply #32 on: 08 January 2021, 09:08:23 »
I know this is a little late but just my 2ยข. 

The Federated Suns and later the Lyran State (after the Federated Commonwealth Alliance until Katherine's sundering) followed the original Star League Defense Force territory organizations.  So the whole of the Federated Suns Military Region (FSMR) was home to Army Group Davion (I know the new FM: SLDF states different deployments.  I'll look up the original text talking about it and reference it here in just a bit)  Each March was supposed to contain one of the 3 Armies assigned to Army Group Davion (i.e. Second, Third and Fourth Armies).  Each Combat Theater or Operations Area (in the case of the Crucis March) was assigned a Corps and each PDZ a combination of a Division/s or independent regiments.

[EDIT] I read through the Sarna site and couldn't find anything on the FS using SLDF territory organization.  I'll have to look up the FM's for the AFFS and SLDF (Old) as well as original house source book and the newer House Book Davion to check.  I'll update post in a little bit. [/EDIT]