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Author Topic: What do you choose?  (Read 5140 times)

E. Icaza

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Re: What do you choose?
« Reply #30 on: 09 June 2019, 18:38:24 »
The Victor to honor my grandfather.  When I have a child, they can have the Enforcer to honor their grandfather.

And so it goes...
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Kit deSummersville

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Re: What do you choose?
« Reply #31 on: 10 June 2019, 11:39:14 »
None of the above. I'll remove the armor and the LB-10x from the Enforcer, the armor Double Heat Sinks from the Archer, the DHS, the medium pulse lasers, the armor and the ER Larges from the Phoenix Hawk. The I'll  modify the Victor to carry the DHS, the LB-10x, some extra armor, and one or two of the ER Larges.

Ahhh, and upgrade from a simple count to a hanger queen!
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Caedis Animus

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Re: What do you choose?
« Reply #32 on: 11 June 2019, 02:58:56 »
Ahhh, and upgrade from a simple count to a hanger queen!
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A:"Sounds like that kid was playing too much of that "Mechwarrior" video game. Why he threw away his one chance to be a real Mechwarrior on 'customization' is beyond me."

Aren't three of those, like, factory grade refits, gutting or no? I think I'd just rather have the default Archer and the three backup mechs for later...
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Re: What do you choose?
« Reply #33 on: 11 June 2019, 09:34:03 »
Yeah, I'm definitely taking the Archer.  It's got the most armor, and it's a solid design.  It's not an "up close and personal" mech that is more likely to get shot to pieces.  And most importantly, you'll be serving under somebody else, and you don't want to throw away your family's shiny new Phoenix Hawk with all the advanced goodies on the whim of Colonel Douchebag.  Leave the fancy mech at home.


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Re: What do you choose?
« Reply #34 on: 11 June 2019, 13:01:46 »
You won't get shot-up if your 'flanking'... "Commander I'm beginning my flanking maneuver, what's that direct engagement? I can not very well engage directly if I'm flanking. And this battle is going to require a lot of flanking. Roger Wilco, I'm outs."
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Re: What do you choose?
« Reply #35 on: 11 June 2019, 13:53:58 »
I'd pick the Victor or the Archer, depending on the Warrior in questions specialization and proclivities. The Victor upgraded with FFA would be a beast, but the Archer is no slouch either, though by the 4th SW it is probably no longer used as a generalist Line Mech and most are back in the Fire Support Lance.


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Re: What do you choose?
« Reply #36 on: 13 June 2019, 12:16:04 »
What do I choose?

Easy. Suicide.

I mean, really, how could you ask me to support the FedSins? Puh-leeeze.

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Colt Ward

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Re: What do you choose?
« Reply #37 on: 13 June 2019, 12:29:42 »
Lol, I saw your bit on the side and my eyes switched words a bit . . . looked like 'Capellan Fanatical Legion' for a second.

I appreciate the answers from folks, and the opinions on the four machines offered let me know that most folks find them to be comparable options- especially the Archer with the balky DHS.
Colt Ward

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Re: What do you choose?
« Reply #38 on: 14 June 2019, 23:30:25 »
I vote with gthe P-hawk coalition.

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Re: What do you choose?
« Reply #39 on: 10 July 2019, 23:58:20 »
Give me my Space Romans and Purple Pyrates any day!

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Re: What do you choose?
« Reply #40 on: 12 July 2019, 11:20:11 »
For the DLC, I'd have to go with the PXH.  It's also what I'd personally prefer to run on the tabletop.  The unit's mission profile calls for speed, and the PXH delivers.  While the thinner head armor on a PXH seems scary, it's normal role would see less inbound fire than the other options, and most of what it does draw would be against scouts without enough firepower to head-cap a 'Mech anyway.  The prestige for running a shiny new 'Mech with all of the latest bells and whistles is also good for one's image.  Normally, a PXH is a lance-leader for a Recon unit, which after an initial training period under a veteran lance leader would allow some flexibility and experience at command.  The Enforcer means you'll most likely be a cog in someone else's wheel.

In other situations, I'd be torn between it and the ARC.  With only half the DHS functioning at full efficiency, it's still quite capable of delivering its full missile payload without overheating.  Basically, the "problem" isn't a problem, and the heavier armor and usual supporting role means a greater chance of surviving any engagements, although there's significantly less prestige in that than with some "in-your-face" brawler design.


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Re: What do you choose?
« Reply #41 on: 17 July 2019, 22:38:12 »
I really want the Enforcer, but a 4R just won't cut it in 3058+, it would have to be fully upgraded to the 5D model then some more work.
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Re: What do you choose?
« Reply #42 on: 26 July 2019, 21:00:10 »
PXH-3D for the win. It just fits better into the DLC's mission and tactics.
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