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Author Topic: Crater effect for a base  (Read 326 times)


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Crater effect for a base
« on: 24 May 2021, 21:30:52 »
I'm working on a base for a kit fox, who will be in a running pose (I broke the left leg while working on it and when reassembled is now shorter than the right so I had to do something to hide it.)

When putting the basing texture down I made a small imprint that I want to represent a crater, and hopefully look like a round just went off where the left leg is about to be once it swings forward.  I am thinking of putting some small pieces of cork around the indent to hopefully look like the debris, or at the very least draw your eye to the hole in the ground to emphasize that there is a hole there vs the rocks scattered anywhere else.  (reference attached photos)

Any ideas on how to make this pop?  Right now I have one coat of a brown wash on the base, more will follow. I was thinking of putting some red in the indent to make it stand out a bit from the rest.

Some WIP photos attached

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. 


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Re: Crater effect for a base
« Reply #1 on: 26 June 2021, 18:13:20 »
It's a great start! Some thoughts:

- black ink rather than brown. I know "real" lunar surfaces can be all sorts of colour, but the Apollo photos do fix some preconceptions.
- A little highlight on one side of the crater outside, and darker behind that? Just be consistent with the orientation on all the craters
- Maybe use a damp rounded something (like big brush end) to smooth the inside bottom of the crater. Remember, the debris has been blown out ;)

And I approve of Kit Fox  :thumbsup:
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