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Author Topic: Outside the Box  (Read 554 times)


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Outside the Box
« on: 16 November 2022, 13:42:08 »
So what do you do that you seem to find either no one does or it is not done very often and why....? (pick one per post if you have more)

Chalk - Instead of pigments is one that stands out to me. I use it for a couple of reasons instead of pigments.

First would be cost to buy a bottle of pigment it is $5+ per color so to get the 46 colors of chalk I have now all in pigments it would be $230+. Vallejo as an example probably most common used pigments I see and there are only 22 colors to choose from so $121 (@$5.50 average per bottle) to buy their entire line or $24 for 46 colors of chalk is a no brainer.

Second would be forgiveness, chalk is more forgiving since it does not cover as well as pigments so the chances of over doing it are slimmer. Now this will require more passes than pigments to get the coverage you may want but stops cases of where the finish turns the pigment to almost paint and blows the whole effect out of the water. This also gives you the advantage of controlling the coverage so you can have more subtle effects and shading than pigments which are heavier in there coverage.

The biggest disadvantage is coverage and what happens when finishing it. Chalk will need to be applied about 10 times heavier than the color you are aiming for the finish will knock the color and coverage way back. Also before finishing you will need to use a can of air or a compressor on low pressure to blow off the mini to get stray chalk particles off the mini.
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