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Title: Transportation and storage
Post by: beachhead1985 on 03 August 2018, 14:01:28
Looking for recommendations.

Previously I have made quick and easy transport and storage "Coffins" with large, shallow, stackable plastic bins, padded with eggcrate foam.

These are great for storage; but cost me about 300 minis when the movers had their way with them.

In my current living arrangement, I will be storing all of my miniatures all of the time. So I need some more storage cases and if they were better for transport; great.

I can no longer use my old method because the cost of egge crate foam where I am now is more than $100 more than where I lived last. For those prices, I may as well buy something more fit for purpose.

I am looking for cheap and functional. if it works out, I will replace the whole array.

Thank you for your time.
Title: Re: Transportation and storage
Post by: Exilyth on 06 August 2018, 14:10:40
Well, there are many producers of foam army transport bags and boxes, which are all somewhat comparable in terms of quality.
Makers include but are not limited to feldherr, battlefoam or krmulticase.
Compare prices and pick what best fits your needs.

You could go to the next DIY store and look for a toolbox + soft foam and create your own. Last time I went to the DIY store though, premade transport solutions worked out to be cheaper.

Alternatively, so called 'bacon trays' made from metal can be used if you put magnets under the bases of your miniatures.

Another alternative would be tackle boxes (used to keep lures) from fishing shops or sorting boxes for beads from an arts and craft store. Finding one with compartments of the right size can be hard though and some sort of padding might be required.

D'oh - just saw all of this is already mentioned in the other thread on storage and transport:
Title: Re: Transportation and storage
Post by: beachhead1985 on 06 August 2018, 19:35:10
Thanks for pointing me at the other thread.