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Author Topic: (Answered) Pushed off hill  (Read 878 times)


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(Answered) Pushed off hill
« on: 09 March 2013, 08:31:26 »
Hi guys i played battletech for many many years but it's been a while. I bought the new introductory boxed set and made some new terrain and started playing again with some friends.

Well we had a situation where a mech was standing on level 3 and another mech in front of him pushed him off of the level 3. We couldnt find rules to resolve this in the rulebook or in my old master rules book. I have total warfare on order.

we assumed there would be some sort of piloting roll for getting pushed down a level 3 backwards into a level 1.
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Re: Pushed off hill
« Reply #1 on: 19 March 2013, 17:57:53 »
As you surmised, this is covered in Total Warfare, starting on p.151.

Provided the hex the target 'Mech was displaced in to is at least 2 levels lower than the level of the hex is started in, a fall automatically occurs.  You would resolve such a fall using the difference in elevation.
Normally, a fall would be ('Mech's tonnage / 10), in this case, it would be ('Mech's tonnage / 10) * 3. 1 because it's a 'Mech, +2 because of the 2 level elevation.  Damage would have been 'times 4' if it was pushed from a Level 3 hill in to a Level 0 hex.

Possibly a handy tip: you may want to look in to the Death From Above and Charge attacks as well.  DFAs can be quite useful in knocking someone off a hill.
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