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Author Topic: (Answered) Maximum Altitude for VTOLs  (Read 1341 times)


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(Answered) Maximum Altitude for VTOLs
« on: 08 January 2012, 12:55:51 »

I asked this question a long time ago, but i don't believe it was answered.  So I'm asking again.

My group uses VTOLs with artilllery and others purposes.   We've not been able determine how high VTOLs can fly.  If VTOLs can ascend into the upper levels of the Low Altitude Table and avoid flak fire from ground based units. 

My question is how high can they go? Can they go so normal ground units are unable to shoot them? Do they always have +1 regardless high in low altitude?
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Re: (Research) Maximum Altitude for VTOLs
« Reply #1 on: 20 March 2013, 15:37:08 »
VTOLs are Ground Units, and cannot have an Altitude; they can never use the Low Altitude Table. Note that Altitude and Elevation are two significantly different concepts.

VTOLs do not have a maximum Elevation they can achieve. We will request errata to place their ceiling at 500 levels.

I'm not completely sure what the "+1 regardless high in low altitude" refers to. If that's still something you want to ask, please rephrase and post in this thread.
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