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Author Topic: (Answered) Attack Direction between two hexsides: when is it determined?  (Read 1217 times)


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I just noticed this when reading the Battlemech Manual, but it appears to be a reproduction of an unclear rule from Total Warfare. Using BMM pages, on pp22 when determining LOS for attack declarations, if LOS lies directly along the edge between two hexes, the defender gets to declare which "side" of the path is used, and mentions that this can also affect attack direction.

However on pp32 the rule is simply that if the attack direction crossed an intersection between two zone's hexsides, the target chooses which side is hit by the attack before the hit location roll.

This is unclear to me - we've always been playing as though the LOS rule takes precedence, and whichever side of the line is chosen on attack declaration also determines which zone is hit (and if the initial defender returned fire and also hit a zone intersection, that attack and hit direction would be bound by their original declaration)

If the rule in Attack declaration is followed explicitly on its own, it could cause some strange effects like a target getting the benefit of terrain from the attack declaration but avoiding rear hits by then pushing the damage to the other side of the line, and it could also result in two mechs firing at each other resolving damage on two different sides of the line. Is this the intent, or does the LOS determination in attack declaration always also determine the attack direction?
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Prior to TW, these were two distinct steps.  TW made it one step, per the "This choice can also affect the attack direction for incoming attacks (see Attack Direction, p. 119)" note on TW p. 99, but forgot to excise the text on p. 119 that still mentioned a separate step.  And, as you noticed, the BMM missed this.

The BMM errata just went up, but I'll re-upload it right now with a clarification on this issue.  Long story short is that you should replace the second paragraph of Attack Direction on p. 32 with the following:

Use the Line of Sight rules (see p. 22) to determine which
hexside is crossed when determining attack direction. If the LOS
crosses exactly between two hexsides, the hex picked when LOS
was determined must be used here as well.
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Thank you!