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Author Topic: (Answered) Burst-Fire (AI) weapons and mechanized infantry  (Read 4041 times)


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pg. 215 under the "Burst-Fire Weapons" heading, TW says: "As with attacks from conventional infantry, double the damage each mechanized infantry trooper can sustain from burst-fire weapons." Immediately above this section, it also says: "Successful non-infantry attacks against conventional mechanized infantry double the number of troopers eliminated in this fashion." Furthermore, on the Non-Infantry Damage Against Infantry Table on pg. 216, Burst Fire weapons are included and the first dagger point repeats the point about doubling damage against mechanized infantry, with no special exception for burst fire weapons.

So, my question is how much damage burst fire weapons from non-infantry units should do to mechanized infantry. I see two possible interpretations:

(1) The doubling of damage from a non-infantry unit is negated by the halving of burst-fire weapon damage and so burst-fire damage is the same for mechanized infantry as other infantry types.

(2) The halving of burst-fire weapon damage trumps the rule for damage doubling and mechanized infantry take half the damage the other infantry types would.

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Re: Burst-Fire (AI) weapons and mechanized infantry
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Interpretation #2 is correct.
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