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Author Topic: (Answered) I need proof... have to show a unit's record sheets when asked  (Read 2439 times)

House Davie Merc

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I've asked before but it was lost and I need proof from an official source .

If anyone knows of a specific page in any rule book that outright states this please tell me .

Otherwise could I get an official ruling stating that record sheets must be shown when asked for
during a game ?

Thanks for any help .
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There is no explicit rule stating this. It's part of the game that sheets are open for all to see in Total Warfare tournament rules.

Sheets may be hidden during scenario style play, but such rules would have to be specifically agreed upon by all players before the game starts.

Xotl: This has since been made an official rule.  It appears in print in AGOAC and the BMM.
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House Davie Merc

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Thanks Chunga !