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Author Topic: (Answered) Ammo sharing between MML-5s and LRM-5s allowed?  (Read 1811 times)


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Are MML-5s and and LRM-5s allowed to pull ammo from the same bin, as long as it is an LRM ammo type?

Can't seem to find any mention in the rulebooks that says either way, easily understood since this is the only possible size pairing between the launcher types where this could come up, but it makes sense that it would be possible. Multiple launchers of the same size can feed off the same ton of ammo (e.g. 2 LRM-5s with 1 ton of ammo for 24 shots between them). In this case it would still technically be 2 LRM-5s splitting 24 shots between them, it's just that one of those launchers just so happens to be able to shoot SRMs if the mood strikes it. 

As always, thanks for your response in advance.
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Re: Ammo sharing between MML-5s and LRM-5s allowed?
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No. Each weapon type is separate.
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