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Author Topic: (Answered) Quick-Start Rules, LOS question  (Read 1138 times)


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(Answered) Quick-Start Rules, LOS question
« on: 07 September 2013, 23:46:50 »
This was answered in a PM to me,  the targeted unit picks the hex sides, not the attacker. I had read it wrong and had it stuck in my brain. So the example assumes the defender would pick the hexes that deny LOS. I guess if the defender planned to attack the attacker later he might allow it though.


Hi, total noob here, just jumping into the game.

Sorry if there is a more appropriate forum section to ask this in, "Total Warfare" seemed to be closest to relating to the QS rules to me.

On page 14 of the Quick start rules, there is a diagram in the upper right corner. it shows a bunch of mechs and is explaining line of sight.  I'm thinking unit C and unit F do have LOS to each other because of the rule that tells you if LOS passes exactly between two hexes the shooter picks which side the shot goes through. In the example, if the first shooter between C and F picks the bottom/south side of the two hexes in question, they do have line of site?
OR, does the fact that there is more than one hex in question change this?

Thanks for any help, trying to make sure I understand this.

(I already ordered an introductory box and bought a few Technical Readouts, and want to get Total Warfare, I'm green as they come, but I'm jumping in with both feet :)  )

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