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Author Topic: (Answered) Battle armor-scale Support PPCs  (Read 1230 times)


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(Answered) Battle armor-scale Support PPCs
« on: 04 September 2013, 19:09:50 »
According to Total War p107, all weapons (with the exception of torpedo launchers) that do not appear on the Underwater Range Table are unable to be used underwater.

The battle-armor-scale Support PPC does seem an unusual omission though. It's longer ranged than a Micro Pulse Laser, ER Micro Laser, Small Pulse Laser, Small Laser, etc all of which can be used underwater and can be mounted on battle armor. Similarly, other PPCs are available for underwater use.

Is the Support PPC truly meant to be ineffective underwater or was it just overlooked for the Underwater Range Table?
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Re: (Research) Battle armor-scale Support PPCs
« Reply #1 on: 13 September 2013, 13:34:34 »
This was indeed likely an oversight.  I will add it to the errata.
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