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Author Topic: (Answered) Collapsing buildings questions  (Read 314 times)


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(Answered) Collapsing buildings questions
« on: 16 February 2020, 17:20:00 »
A brief scenario:

A platoon of conventional infantry is in a level one Medium building with a CF of 30. A Phoenix Hawk jumps onto the roof.

What we did:
  • The building collapsed immediately, since the Phoenix Hawk weighs more than the CF (45 tons vs 30 CF)
  • Phoenix Hawk took fall damage of 1 level.
  • The infantry platoon lost 9 men (30 CF divided by 10, times one for one level, times three for collapsing building damage against infantry)
  • The hex turned into rubble, with both the Phoenix Hawk and infantry amongst the rubble

Did we do it all correct?
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Re: Collapsing buildings questions
« Reply #1 on: 13 August 2020, 17:17:59 »
Yes, that all looks correct.

I'd only note that we've recently errataed collapses so that being on the roof or the top level does not count as having any levels above you when calculating collapse damage.  The math works out exactly the same for your infantry in your case, but it's worth pointing out.
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