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Author Topic: (Answered) Dodging a Domino Effect rules disparity between TW and BMM  (Read 313 times)


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I have two closely related questions:

1. The rules in BMM (2017 printing, pp. 55-56) and AGoAC Rulebook (2018 printing, p. 42) say that if a 'Mech is in a path of a Domino Effect, and may move a hex to avoid it (is standing, has enough MPs to do it, hasn't jumped this turn etc.), then a single PSR is used to determine both if the 'Mech can make the "dodge" (if the PSR is successful), and if it falls (if the PSR failed). In TW (2018 Fifth Printing, pp. 152-153) and the Introductory Rulebook from the 2013 Introductory Box Set (p. 55) the rules themselves aren't quite as clear, but the example text for the Domino Effect clearly states that a 'Mech attempting to "dodge" a Domino Effect may be required to make two PSRs - one to be allowed to move a hex to avoid the domino effect, and if that roll is unsuccessful - a second one to avoid falling.

Which rules are correct?

2. Can a 'Mech that could potentially "dodge" a domino effect deliberately choose to not do so and get displaced instead?

The answer to this question is particularly important if the answer to question 1. above is that BMM/AGoAC are correct, since under TW/old Intro Box rules a 'Mech that could potentially dodge a Domino Effect effectively gets two rolls to avoid falling - one to determine if it can make the "dodge", and the other to determine if it falls after being displaced - which means that by choosing not to dodge the player controlling such 'Mech surrenders one of the two chances to keep the 'Mech standing (which I imagine most players would be unwilling to do in typical circumstances), while under BMM/AGoAC whether the 'Mech tries to "dodge" has no effect on its chances to remain standing - either way it gets only one PSR to do so (and in such situation I imagine that players may choose not to try to dodge whenever being displaced instead gives their 'Mech an advantageous positioning.)
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Re: Dodging a Domino Effect rules disparity between TW and BMM
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The Intro Box / BMM version is correct; this will feature in the new TW errata.

And yes, dodging is optional.
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