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Author Topic: (Answered) Submarine flank change depth  (Read 294 times)


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(Answered) Submarine flank change depth
« on: 05 July 2020, 05:55:42 »
A submarine unit can move vertically at a cost of 1 MP per depth that it ascends or descends. A submarine can move any number of depths up and down at cruising speed in a single water hex as long as it has suffi cient MP. If a submarine changes more depths (up or down, or in combination) than its Cruising MP during a single Movement Phase, it must automatically roll once on the Motive System Damage Table. (quote from p.56, TW)

Could a submarine change depth (just 1 Depth change, for example) while using Flank speed?

Thank you very much.

(I'am in doubt, because have remembered Harrison Ford in K-19  xp)
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Re: submarine flank change depth
« Reply #1 on: 04 August 2020, 11:05:38 »
Yes, it can do so.

The motive damage comes from changing a large number of levels at once.  Changing a small number of levels while going very fast is no problem.
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