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Author Topic: Battle Armor jumping into a Building  (Read 815 times)


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Battle Armor jumping into a Building
« on: 05 September 2021, 13:28:19 »
Hi there...

I am just about to read about building in the Total Warfare manual and I came upon the example on Page 169, where a player uses a jump from a Level 3 Building into the Level 4 of a Level 5 building, that is 3 hexes away. In the example you can read:

"[...] As the battle armor unit enters the building hex, the player must make an Anti-'Mech Skill roll. Player 2 checks the Piloting Skill Modifier on the Building Modifier Table and applies the +1 modifier for a medium building, and another +1 because the unit is jumping."

I do understand the first modifier (Building Modifier for medium buildin), but why the second +1? Where can I read, that you get a modifier for jumping into a building?