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Author Topic: (Answered) BSP costs for pre-designated and targeted artillery  (Read 352 times)


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Hi there. I wanted to clarify how many artillery shots (i.e., hexes hit) a player gets when they spend X amount of BSP on an Artillery Support action.

The relevant rules in BMM (p. 77) state the following for pre-designated artillery shots, but are a bit vague on targeted artillery shots:
"Before beginning play, each side using Artillery Support secretly chooses five hexes on the playing area for each Artillery Support selection to serve as pre-plotted target hexes... Note that this number of hexes is intended for a playing area composed of four maps. For every two additional maps used, add three additional pre-plotted target hexes per Artillery Support selection."

If I understand this correctly, a player who spends 4 BSP on Sniper artillery will be able to fire at 5 pre-designated hexes in a game with up to 4 maps, and 8 pre-designated hexes in a game with 6 maps.
So, Question 1 is: Did I understand that right?

The BMM rules are then vague on how many targeted artillery shots one gets for a given Artillery Support selection, as well as some other issues (they just give the rules for targeting a hex, spotting, and scatter). So my other questions are:
Q2. Using the same example as above, how many targeted Sniper artillery shots should a player get for the same 4 BSP?
Q3. Is a player allowed to mix pre-designated and targeted artillery shots using the same Artillery Support selection?
Q4. Do all of the artillery shots, regardless of whether they are pre-designated or targeted, have to be announced in the same Turn that the Artillery Support is first announced, or can some be saved for later Turns?

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Re: [BMM] BSP costs for pre-designated and targeted artillery
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You have the first part right, yes.

You get only one shot when you buy a strike.  But you get five pre-plotted hexes with that one strike.  If you want to fire at one of those pre-plotted hexes with it, insta-hit.  If you fire it at something else, you go through the regular to-hit procedure for that one strike.
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