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Author Topic: (Research) C3 and ECM  (Read 320 times)


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(Research) C3 and ECM
« on: 20 October 2021, 15:32:28 »
The basic question:

Mechs M and S are in a C3 network.  Enemy Mech E has Guardian ECM.  Mech M is 7 hexes from E, Mech S is 12 hexes from E.  The LOS between M and S does not pass through the bubble.  When Mech S fires at E, is it considered to be 7 or 12 hexes away for range bracket purposes?

The parts that led to confusion:

The beginning of the ECM section in TW states "all shots that pass through are affected".  The paragraph going into examples referencing the diagram on page 135 states "A shot from Hex C to Hex D would also be affected because LOS".  But the actual C3 section only references whether or not units stay in the network.  So the confusion came as to whether the ECM caused the C3 targeting data to be affected.
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