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Author Topic: (Answered) LOS corner question  (Read 429 times)


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(Answered) LOS corner question
« on: 12 September 2020, 12:56:28 »
If LOS exactly crosses a corner shared by 3 hexes, are all 3 hexes counted, or only the 2 that the LOS actually passes through?

Example: unit A is near the lower-left corner of the map; unit B is 11 hexes away: 7 hexes "north" then 4 hexes "northeast".  LOS passes thru:
  • The hex 2 "north" then 1 "northeast" of A, and ...
  • The next hex "north".
Mathematically, in this situation, the LOS precisely crosses the point at the "east" end of the shared hexside (potentially involving the mutually-adjacent hex, hence my question).
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Re: (Research) LOS corner question
« Reply #1 on: 17 October 2020, 13:49:54 »
A line is only ever passing through one hex at any given point, as far as the game is concerned.  This is why, when the LoS passes exactly along a hexside, the defender chooses which hex applies -- it cannot be both.  This situation is also a corner question, because the line hits an exact corner at each end of the hexside.  It passes completely into one hex, and along the edge of one other, but not both.
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