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Title: (Answered) (Errata) Cargo Carrying and Lift Hoists
Post by: Daryk on 13 January 2019, 19:46:35
On pages 136-137, the rules for Lift Hoists state that a unit carrying up to half its tonnage (above that allowed by internal cargo bays) takes no penalty to movement and only suffers -1 MP (which also affects its running/flank movement via recalculation) when carrying more than that.

On page 261 however, the "Cargo Carriers" rules inflict far more severe penalties: a unit carrying up to a quarter of its tonnage suffers -3 MP (or half, whichever is less, rounding down), and half movement for any load above that.  Curiously, the "Cargo Carriers" rules reference lift hoists on page 136, but only in the context of loading or unloading cargo.  Page 261 goes on to state (under "'Mech Lifting Capabilities") that 'mechs take NO penalty when carrying up to 10% of their weight (or 20% if they have active TSM).

The question here is: what penalties do units (both 'mechs and non-'mechs) with Lift Hoists take?  Are they governed by pages 136-137, or 261?

A related question becomes: even if a particular cargo weighs less than 10% of a 'mech's weight, would it inflict a penalty if it's Battle Armor (with Mag Clamps or otherwise)?  It would seem that 'mechs would most likely be able to carry a single suit without penalty (since they're almost universally less than 10% the weight of a 'mech), and that would also support IS BA using 4-suit squads (since a lance could carry them easily).
Title: Re: (Research) Cargo Carrying and Lift Hoists
Post by: Xotl on 04 February 2022, 14:32:22
The hoist rules are stated to be an exception, but we'll be making some small clarifications to help make that clearer:

The first sentence under the Cargo Carrier header on 261 could be amended to say:

    In addition to cargo carried in a dedicated cargo bay or with a lift hoist, a ’Mech or vehicle may also carry unprotected cargo (in slings, strapped to the top, in lightweight containers and so on) equal to its own tonnage.

Under movement penalties, change the first sentence to:

    Unlike cargo carried by a dedicated cargo bay or lift hoist, a unit carrying external cargo must modify its movement.

And the first sentence of the second paragraph in the lift hoist section on 137 could be changed to the following:

    Units suffer no movement penalty when using one or more lift hoists to carry cargo up to half their tonnage.

For the other issue, a mech may not pick up another unit using the cargo rules.  When dealing with Mechanized BA, refer to the Mechanized BA rules instead.
Title: Re: (Answered) (Errata) Cargo Carrying and Lift Hoists
Post by: Daryk on 04 February 2022, 20:23:25
Whoah!  :o

Thanks for the blast from the past!   :thumbsup:

That definitely changes the cargo carrying dynamic, but leaves one final related question:

What exactly is the line defining "units" from "cargp"?  E.g,, would a shut down BA count as cargo or a unit?  How about a fatality?  ???
Title: Re: (Answered) (Errata) Cargo Carrying and Lift Hoists
Post by: Xotl on 04 February 2022, 22:46:36
If you can use it in the scenario, it's a unit.  If you can't, it's cargo.
Title: Re: (Answered) (Errata) Cargo Carrying and Lift Hoists
Post by: Daryk on 05 February 2022, 05:26:28
A strange line, but it makes sense.  Thanks again!  :thumbsup: