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Title: (Answered) Club questions
Post by: Empyrus on 02 July 2022, 21:30:56
1. Can a 'Mech with a physical weapon (hatchet, sword, etc.) also pick up a club (TW pg 146/BMM pg 36), provided it has required and intact actuators?
Given that construction rules for physical weapons usually require hand actuator, built-in physical weapons seem to implicitly utilize and occupy a hand but perhaps this falls under rules vs art abstraction.

2. Does a 'Mech need to drop a carried club to lift cargo?
TW pg 146 indicates club occupies both hands but page 261, "'Mech lifting capabilities" section does not explicitly require unoccupied hands and notes that executing club attacks is prohibited while carrying cargo among other things.

3. What action does dropping a club actually entail? Is it merely a declaration, or does it use rules for dropping carried cargo (TW pg 261/BMM pg 21), ie requires expending 1 MP?

4. If one carries a detached limb as a club or cargo and drops it, does it follow the usual rules for possibly being destroyed?
Would be kinda weird given that 'Mech limbs appear to weather being blown off and falling to ground without any extra damage.

5. Aside from dropping a club or being used up in an attack (in case of tree-club), when are clubs lost? I would presume when any one of the required actuators is damaged but this is not explicitly stated in the rules.
Title: Re: (Research) Club questions
Post by: Sartris on 12 July 2022, 11:02:20
1. Yes
2. No. But you lose the benefit of the hands (10% without penalty)
3. Declaration
4. No
5. It is explicitly stated: you need two functional hand actuators. If you don't have those, you can't carry a club.
Title: Re: (Research) Club questions
Post by: Empyrus on 12 July 2022, 11:11:30
Thank you, figured this is how things were but wanted to be sure.