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Author Topic: (Answered) Combat Tractor/Trailer Units  (Read 1260 times)


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(Answered) Combat Tractor/Trailer Units
« on: 07 January 2015, 21:11:46 »
So, I've been poring over the rules trying to find this, but every reference I find is about support vehicles. Even in TW {pg 205}! The only reference to them for Combat Vehicles are the construction rules in TM.

Thus, I have some questions:

  • How does stacking work? Does each trailer fill a hex behind the tractor? Or are there 2 "units" in each hex fulfilling the 2 vehicles per hex stacking rules?
  • Are there any limits on turning with trailers? I mean, I would assume that you can only turn 1 hexside in a single hex to avoid jackknife situations.
  • How does targeting work against tractor/trailers that are combat vehicles? Can the shooter pick a target, or does it randomize between pieces in the same hex {if that's the answer for first question}

EDIT: Discussing this with Hammer, and it appears all pre-TW trailers, such as that for the long tom, have been retconned and remade as support trailers. However, the tractors are still combat vehicles. So, my questions still stand in that light: how does the stacking work? Since they're only 10t "small" trailers in the case of the long tom, if I assume the same rules apply as with support tractors I would see it as: hex 1: tractor and first trailer, hex 2: second trailer.

My suggestion with the turning, if no rules are currently defined, is to only limit turning in the case of multi-hex tractor/trailer combinations, and then limit it to the 1 hexside in a single hex as I said above.


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Re: Combat Tractor/Trailer Units
« Reply #1 on: 06 February 2015, 17:41:05 »
The tractor/trailer rules apply to Combat Vehicles in the same manner as medium Support Vehicles; super-heavy Combat Vehicles are handled as large Support Vehicles.

1. Given the above, the stacking rules on page 205 apply.  Most Combat Vehicles are stacked as part of the same unit.  Super-heavy trailers would be counted as separate units.
2. For the sake of simplicity, no.
3. You can pick a target as the rules state on page 205.
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