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Author Topic: (Answered) DropShip exhaust Proximity Damage  (Read 522 times)


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(Answered) DropShip exhaust Proximity Damage
« on: 18 September 2021, 14:06:45 »
I was pondering the design requirements for a Drop-Port, and on re-reading the Proximity Damage section in Total Warfare (page 88), I noticed that it only specifies that units within 6 hexes of a landing or launching DS take the specified damage. I also noticed that it did not explicitly specify if this damage is treated as an Area-Effect weapon.

Question 1: Is any damage dealt to buildings in the Proximity Damage radius?

Question 2: Is Proximity Damage treated as an Area-Effect weapon (thereby damaging all BA troopers simultaneously, and dealing double damage to CI)?

The Proximity Damage section also states that "the 'attack' occurs along the line of sight between the DropShip's center hex and the affected unit's hex."

Question 3: Does this imply that blocking Line of Sight from the DS (using e.g. intervening terrain or buildings) would block the spread of the Proximity Damage? Would the intervening terrain need to be the full 5/10 levels tall normally needed to block LoS to a Aerodyne/Spheroid DS, as per (TW page 99) the standard LoS and unit height rules?

The third question matters more for Spheroid DS, as the directional nature of Aerodyne DS Proximity Damage along with their requirement for a lengthy runway makes it much easier to ensure that nothing is in the blast zone without taking up huge amounts of map space (just ensure one end of the runway is pointing in a direction you don't care about). The ability to build a protective berm around Spheroid landing berths would make them much more compact.

I looked for possible references in other rulebooks - all I found was that in Tactical Operations: Advanced Rules (page 63), if using the Terrain Factor rules, the Proximity Damage is equally applied to all terrain in the hexes within range. It still does not explicitly mention buildings, although one might logically extrapolate that the Proximity Damage is applied to them too. Worse, it states that the TF of any hexes containing a landing or launching DS is automatically reduced to 0, which makes it quite difficult to make a reusable Drop-Port - even assuming nice sturdy pavement with a TF of 200, you'd have to re-pave the landing zone every time a ship lands or launches, as it is automatically reduced to Rough. That, however, is more of a rules design question than a rules clarification question, as the behavior is quite clearly stated, and so need not be answered here.
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Re: (Research) DropShip exhaust Proximity Damage
« Reply #1 on: 03 October 2021, 23:35:21 »
The new TW errata should address this question.  Thanks.
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