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Author Topic: (Research) Dumping Ammo Question  (Read 243 times)


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(Research) Dumping Ammo Question
« on: 19 October 2021, 13:20:46 »
Page 104 TW / Page 58 BMM

The rules state:

Any hit against the dumping ’Mech on any rear torso
location inflicts normal damage, but it also causes all dumping
ammunition that can explode to do so (damage is applied to the
location the ammunition is stored in, as normal).

Does this mean if [for example] a Highlander HGN-732b is dumping 2 tons of LRM ammo and 1 ton of SRM ammo and took a hit to the rear torso, does it suffer:

A - 3 Separate Ammo Explosions for 120 damage from LRM Ammo #1, + 120 Damage from LRM Ammo #2 and 90 damage for SRM ammo, and 6 Pilot Hits total (2 hits for each Ammo explosion TW Page 41/BMM page 58)


B - A single ammo explosion of 330 points and 2 pilot hits?

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