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Author Topic: Ending LAM/WiGE Movement Above an enemy unit  (Read 690 times)


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Ending LAM/WiGE Movement Above an enemy unit
« on: 01 February 2022, 06:49:00 »
So, there is not an Interstellar Ops, and this can actually work with WiGE as well, so..

WiGE and LAMs in Airmech can spend MP to maintain elevation when moving from an area of higher elevation, and stacking allows you to occupy and move through a hex occupied by another unit if you are moving through an elevation above them. WiGE and LAMs in Airmech, if they end their movement above 1 level above the underlying terrain, they automatically descend to 1 level above the terrain.

So, given these details, the question: If a WiGE or LAM in Airmech ends its movement above an enemy 'mech...what happens? Domino Effect? Accidental Fall from Above Rules?
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