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Author Topic: (Research) Explosive Weapon Explosions on Aerospace Fighters  (Read 559 times)


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Relevant rules are on p.161 and p.240 of Total Warfare and p.98 of Strategic Operations.

p.240 of TW states:
"If a weapon is destroyed that can explode (such as a Gauss rifle, see p. 135), it is treated as an ammunition explosion for the location where the weapon is mounted (see Ammunition Explosions, p. 161)."

p.161 of TW states:
"If an explosion takes place, multiply the damage caused by a single shot of the weapon by the number of rounds remaining, divided by ten (rounding down, to a minimum of 1). Apply this damage to the unit’s SI. If a fighter equipped with CASE suffers an ammo explosion, divide the total damage by 20 (rounding down, to a minimum of 1) The rest of that weapon’s ammo is destroyed, but inflicts no additional damage."

p.98 of SO states:
"Per standard ground unit rules, players may wish Gauss rifles to explode and cause damage when they sustain damage. In such cases, when a Gauss weapon critical hit occurs, the location also suffers the effects of an ammunition explosion (the Gauss weapon explodes for the same amount of standard-scale damage as noted for ground-mounted weapons; see pp. 135-136, TW)."

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Question 1: Do Gauss Rifles, when mounted on Aerospace units, explode when they suffer a critical hit under Total Warfare rules? The first sentence of the Strategic Operations passage strongly insinuates that they cannot.

Question 2: If they can explode under TW rules, how much damage would a Gauss Rifle exploding cause to the fighter's SI? The TW rules, taken at face value, suggest that the Gauss Rifle should multiple 15 (damage) * the number of rounds remaining, divided by 10. I'm guessing the intent is more along the lines of what's written in SO.
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