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Title: (Answered) Forced Withdrawal and Jammed Weapons
Post by: ShroudedSciuridae on 16 April 2022, 19:35:45
Searched existing questions on Forced Withdrawal and didn't see anything addressing this.

If the only remaining weapon with more than five range and five damage is a jammer RAC, does that count as destroyed for purposes of Forced Withdrawal? If so and the weapon eventually unjams is Forced Withdrawal removed?
Title: Re: (Research) Forced Withdrawal and Jammed Weapons
Post by: Xotl on 20 April 2022, 01:27:10
There's essentially two conditions attached to Forced Withdrawal: Crippled and Destroyed.

Crippled is easy enough: you would be forced to withdraw if a jammed RAC is all you have left.  But you're specifically allowed to not use Running MP, so you can walk backwards and attempt to unjam your gun if you wish (or not).  Unjamming would then remove Crippled status.

Destroyed would be unfixable, however.  The unit can't move (the other precondition of being destroyed) so in theory it could sit there and attempt to unjam.  However, if it's destroyed it's removed from the map at the end of the phase, because there's nothing under Forced Withdrawal that changes the definition of what destroyed means, only how you get to that status (for mechs at least, the Forced Withdrawal rules specifically direct you to the standard rules for destroyed units in such a case, which includes the "removal at the end of the phase" rule).