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Author Topic: (Answered) Ground units obstructing Aero units landing or lifting off  (Read 430 times)


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Good afternoon!

What happens if an aerodyne aerospace unit is making a horizontal landing or liftoff and there are units in the way, either intentionally (such as enemy units trying to make things difficult), or unintentionally (skidded into the path, etc.)?

T.W. p. 87, under heading "Landing", 4th paragraph, says "This landing strip must be in a continuous line, unobstructed by level changes, buildings or other units.", which to me implies that things in the way absolutely prevent landing.  But previously in the "Landing Modifiers Table", there are given modifiers to landing for buildings and elevated hexes.

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A ground unit on the runway forces the landing unit abort the landing.

If the unit must land due to damage or other involuntary circumstances, instead treat it as a crash, with the first hex of the runway being the point you start the random movement rolls. If those rolls end up with the aero on top of a ground unit, use the normal crashing rules.
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