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Author Topic: (Answered) (Errata) Inferno SRM Cluster Application Against Infantry  (Read 639 times)


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When an Inferno SRM attack is made against conventional infantry, is the number of troopers killed calculated per the standard missile attack rules (applying max potential damage of the cluster weapon), divided by 5 as a missile attack, then multiplied by 3, or do Inferno SRMs require a roll on the cluster table to determine how many missiles impact the CI unit before multiplying by 3 to find the number of troopers killed?

p.141 of Total Warfare only specifies that you calculate the total number of Infernos that hit the unit before multiplying by 3, and p.142 has an "orphan" paragraph at the top of the page that I assume belongs under the Infantry subheading, which gives an example in which the units are hit by 5 Inferno SRMs.

This is further complicated by p.215 specifying to "Use the maximum damage potential for cluster weapons, instead of rolling on the Cluster Hits Table for damage." Inferno SRMs do not do damage under normal circumstances, which implies that Inferno SRMs would instead fall under "Heat-Effect Weapons" on the Non-Infantry Weapon Damage Against Infantry Table. This table, in turn, advises to return to p.129, which sends us back to p.141 for the Inferno Missiles heading.

Any clarification would be appreciated.
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Re: Inferno SRM Cluster Application Against Infantry
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The part on 215 is the correct application. Maximum cluster size * 3 troopers eliminated

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