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Title: (Research) Screen Launcher Range: Capital or Standard?
Post by: ArcFurnace on 14 April 2022, 19:41:51
Screen Launchers are described on page 251 of Total Warfare (9th printing). The LoS effects of the resulting chaff clouds are quite well described. However, nowhere in Total Warfare is the actual range of a Screen Launcher specified - they are absent from the small sub-table on page 304 containing details for the other Capital Missiles, and are not found in the main weapons and equipment tables either.

TechManual (6th printing) contains an entry for Screen Launchers on page 237, which provides construction information and refers to Total Warfare for game rules. It can also be found in the Cost/Availability tables (on page 292), the BV tables (on page 318), and the Heavy Weapons and Equipment tables (bottom of page 342).

This last reference on page 342 of TechManual is the most relevant, as here we finally find their range - listed as NA (Short), i.e. no ground range, Short aerospace range.

However, is this standard Short aerospace range, or Short (Capital) range? I assumed the latter, as screen launchers are listed along with other "Capital Missiles", but some other non-primary-sources disagree, and TechManual does not actually distinguish between Standard and Capital aerospace ranges (e.g. the other capital missiles are listed as "Extreme" range, when they certainly have "Extreme-C" range, using the notation from TO:AUE).

As a secondary question, is the 15 points of damage applied to all units in the hex upon deployment (see TW p. 251) applied as a single cluster? There was no indication otherwise, but I thought I would check, since their non-appearance in the TW tables prevents us from properly determining if they are Cluster weapons or not, or what their cluster size is if they are.

Similarly, if a fighter squadron is affected by a Screen Launcher shot, does it take one set of 15 damage, or 15 damage to every fighter in the squadron?
Title: Re: Is the range of a Screen Launcher Capital or Standard?
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