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Author Topic: (Research) Combat Vehicles with CASE and Gauss Rifles  (Read 390 times)


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(Research) Combat Vehicles with CASE and Gauss Rifles
« on: 15 March 2022, 07:23:08 »
1. If I place CASE in my Combat Vehicle would it act as normal if a Gauss Rifle explodes.
          -This being the situation where the explosive damage from the Gauss Rifle is expelled out the back of the vehicle destroying the rear armour, but leaving the internals untouched.

2. If I place a Gauss Rifle in the turret of a Combat Vehicle, and the CASE in the hull, will the CASE still act as specified in TW p.194, or does it act as if it were a mech, or does it just not work at all?
          -"act as if it were a mech" blows off the turret but leaves the hull untouched.

Total Warfare, p.133, CASE (CELLULARE AMMO STORAGE):
          "If ammo (or any other explosive component, such as a gauss rifle) in a CASE-equipped location explodes"
          "Vehicles: See Ammunition under Ground Combat Vehicle Critical Hit Effects in the Combat Vehicles section, page 193."

Total Warfare, p.194, Ammunition:
          "If the vehicle has CASE, apply the damage instead to its rear armor, with any excess damage ignored and the vehicle suffers a Crew Stunned result."

Tech Manual, p221, Gauss Rifle:
          "Game Rules: Gauss rifle capacitors remain charged (and thus explosive) throughout Total Warfare game play, even if the unit is shut down or its crew/pilot is unable to act."

Just a note that similar questions have been asked in the past, but they were based around the topic of other types of ammo being included in the CASE evacuation. These questions are ignoring the existence of any other type of ammo or weapon, and simply asking in reference to the Gauss Rifle itself exploding and doing internal damage.
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