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Author Topic: (Answered) Wheeled vehicles leaving rough hexes  (Read 762 times)


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(Answered) Wheeled vehicles leaving rough hexes
« on: 14 July 2021, 01:15:15 »
I think I found a bug in MegaMek but want a rules clarification to be sure.

According to TW, wheeled vehicles are prohibited from entering Rough hexes (TW pg. 52), but what if a wheeled vehicle ends up in a rough hex and wants to leave it?

Something I've come across a bunch in MegaMek happens when a wheeled vehicle is in the same hex as another unit and that other unit gets destroyed. The destruction of the unit turns the hex into a rough hex that is still occupied by the wheeled vehicle.

In Megamek, the wheeled vehicle can't leave the hex, even if it has MP available.

My understanding of how movement works in BT, restrictions always seem to happen when you try to enter a hex, not when you leave a hex (hence why you can run out of a water hex but can't run into a water hex).

Am I correct in thinking this is a MegaMek bug?

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Re: Wheeled vehicles leaving rough hexes
« Reply #1 on: 14 July 2021, 01:23:12 »
I'm presuming this is referring to the Battlefield Wreckage rules in TacOps.

Yes, any unit in terrain that is transformed into prohibited terrain while they're in it can leave it; as you say, it's only entering it that's the problem.  There would be an obvious exception if the newly-altered terrain were, say, magma or something similar, but that's a scenario rule rather than anything the standard rules tackle.  Rough, Ultra Rough, and Rubble are all fine to leave.
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