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Author Topic: Multi-Hex Attacks vs Grounded Dropships  (Read 575 times)


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Multi-Hex Attacks vs Grounded Dropships
« on: 26 July 2022, 18:26:52 »
This is sort of a multi-part question but what it comes down to is:
Do multi hex attacks affect grounded dropships multiple times (for each hex struck) or only a single time as it is a single unit that does not track hex HP individually?

The question originally came from asking if an Aerospace strafing run on a grounded dropship would deal damage 1 time per weapon, or 3 times if it flew across the center of the dropship.

Secondary question was brought up, do bombs and artillery affect dropships in a similar fashion, dealing the AE damage to each hex, or only once for the single unit?

Part of the confusion is because grounded dropships are treated as multi-hex but do not track CF/HP per individual hex, and the rulebook only covers what AE damage does to multi-hex Mobile Structures and Buildings, which all track HP per hex.

ASF strafing rules are on TW p.243
Attacks against grounded dropships are on TW p.250

The p.250 rules say "damage to grounded aerospace is treated exactly the same as airborne aerospace", does this also apply to the multi-hex scenarios above?

From a realism standpoint, it would make sense for an object as large as a dropship to be hit multiple times by a strafing run, and potentially be affected by more of the blast from a bomb or artillery shell, but I am looking for a rules ruling, realistic or not.