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Author Topic: (Answered) Narc pods and non-unit targets  (Read 1150 times)

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(Answered) Narc pods and non-unit targets
« on: 08 June 2014, 14:44:36 »
I find myself a bit curious: can Narc pods be fired at targets other than units? The text only seems to talk about their effects in terms of being attached to a unit, but it's not altogether clear whether they're limited to those. (In fact, the "Buildings" section on page 139 only prohibits pods from being fired into or inside buildings, but not technically from simply being shot at them, which is kind of what got me started.)
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Re: (Research) Narc pods and non-unit targets
« Reply #1 on: 22 August 2015, 12:43:50 »
Yes they can.
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