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Author Topic: (Answered) Physical attacks against quad mechs in Depth 1 water  (Read 756 times)


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A question that has come up once or twice before - if you have a quad mech standing in Depth 1 water, being kicked by a mech standing at level 0, what modifiers apply? From later rulings, this question also applies to any other physical attack aimed at the quad mech which uses the Punch table.

This rules question thread from 2012 states that the partial cover modifier applies to the kick, and any hit to the legs will be ignored. A simple answer, but a later ruling raises issues as written.

This rules question thread from 2018 states that if a incoming physical attack on a mech in Depth 1 water uses the Punch table, the partial cover effect is ignored. This works perfectly for bipedal mechs - all locations that can be hit on the Punch table are out of the water, so there is no +1 to hit and hits to the legs are not ignored (since they cannot occur anyway).

However, quad mech legs can also be hit on the Punch table. Therefore, in such a case, does the partial cover +1 to hit apply, and are hits to the legs ignored?
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Re: (Research) Physical attacks against quad mechs in Depth 1 water
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The BMM is being (further) errataed to clarify the differences between bipeds and quads in this situation.  The pre-release errata for the 5th printing was updated today with these changes; you'll see them in the new printing.
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