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Author Topic: (Answered) PSRs Against Specialized Armor  (Read 681 times)


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(Answered) PSRs Against Specialized Armor
« on: 15 February 2022, 02:19:42 »
Sorry if this has been answered before but it has been a topic of much discussion among my group.

If a mech with specialty armor such as reflective armor or hardened armor take a hit from two PPCs, would that trigger a PSR or would the damage reduction prevent the PSR from happening?

I have been looking through the Battletemech Manual and been unable to find a clear answer, if there is could you please point me to the page I may have missed? The closest thing I have found is the Piloting Skill Roll Table where it says that on 20+ damage "This is damage actually taken, after any damage modifiers are applied." This leads me to believe that the PSR damage taken into account is indeed affected by armors that reduce damage. Thus a mech with reflective or hardened armor being hit by two standard PPCs would not trigger a PSR.

I ask this question because I have had multiple people claim that the PSR damage is considered before any reductions but I cannot find anything in the Manual that supports this. Thank you for your response.
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Re: PSRs Against Specialized Armor
« Reply #1 on: 15 February 2022, 02:32:25 »
Added to the BMM 5th printing (just released, though the errata has been out for a few months):

⑤ Armor (p. 114)
After “Critical Hits”, insert the following new paragraph:

     PSRs: For armor types that can absorb two points of damage per armor circle, only full armor circles removed count when determining if the ’Mech has to make the PSR required from suffering 20+ points of damage.

So no PSR, because 20 armour circles were not removed.  This is already partially reflected in the most recent TO printing, for hardened armour ("Each full armor bubble lost only counts as one point of damage for Piloting Skill Roll purposes"), but Laser-Reflective will be updated to clarify this as well in the next print.
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