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Author Topic: 'Mechs Carrying (and potentially dropping) Cargo  (Read 300 times)


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'Mechs Carrying (and potentially dropping) Cargo
« on: 18 January 2023, 01:59:28 »
I recently played a variation on an extraction mission that involved 'Mechs trying to pickup and escape with cargo, and we had a few questions pop up with regards to the 'Mech Lifting Capabilities on pg. 261 of Total Warfare:

  • Cargo is considered picked up during the End Phase, correct?  The 'Mech Lifting Capabilities section says it must end its Movement Phase on the hex containing the cargo, but it could potentially be forced off that space by a physical attack (a charge in our case) before the End Phase.
  • What happens to cargo when a 'Mech falls?  Is it dropped (as in the dropping cargo rules)?  Is there a chance to damage it if not?
  • On a related note, if the 'Mech ends its turn on its face in the hex with cargo, can it still be considered to have picked it up?
  • The combat section states that, "Any successful attack on a unit carrying unprotected cargo also strikes the cargo."  Are there any exceptions to this?  I'm thinking kicks or shots from the rear arc.
  • 'Mechs must have two working hands to pick up cargo, but what if one is destroyed while carrying the cargo?  I assume it drops it?

If it matters, we house ruled that one ton of cargo was destroyed for every 10 points of damage that the carrying 'Mech takes because of the nature of the cargo in this mission.

Thanks in advance for the help!