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Author Topic: (Answered) Sensor hit crit result for vehicles in excess of four hits  (Read 956 times)

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If a vehicle has four sensor hits and then a player rolls 'sensor hit' result on the crit table, does the vehicle...

A. Suffer the next result on the crit table because sensor critical hits are no longer applicable.

B. Suffer a fifth sensor hit (albeit without additional effect) because sensor hits are cumulative.

TW 193.
"If the item listed on the Ground Combat Vehicle Critical Hits Table does not apply in that location (the item doesn’t exist, only one such critical hit can occur per location and so on), simply move down the column until an applicable critical result is achieved."

TW 195.
"Sensors: Each critical hit to the vehicle’s sensors adds a +1 modifier to all to-hit rolls, with multiple hits being cumulative. The fourth sensor hit makes it impossible for the vehicle to fire weapons."
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Re: Sensor hit crit result for vehicles in excess of four hits
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The fifth hit would transfer onwards.
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