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Author Topic: (Research) Squad Support Weapon questions  (Read 737 times)


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(Research) Squad Support Weapon questions
« on: 23 December 2021, 21:17:12 »
Hi guys.

Squad Support Weapon
Tech Manual. P270 et al

First question.
Does an empty SSW take up slots?

Eg. A Kobold has 4 free slots. The SSW does not take up a slot. Can I load a 4 slot weapon* into the Modular Weapon Mount and leave the SSW empty taking up no kgs or slots?

*Obviously ignoring that the arm mount with the MMW only has 1 slots so I can't use the body slots. But you get the idea.

Question 2
TM, p171

I assume as a modular mount a SSW can carry everything except the following:

Camo System, Extended Life Support, HarJel, Jump Booster, Magnetic Clamps, Mission Equipment,
Modular/Turret Mounts, Space Operations Adaptation, Squad
Support Weapon.

Question 3
Slightly different. Does a Modular Weapon Mount (or SSW) function as a detachable missile mount?
Eg. A "Loginus" needs to detach its missiles to jump its its missiles have a detachable mount. Can I replace the detachable mount with a MWM for the same functionality or do I need a MWM and a detachable missile mount?
Note I am NOT talking about Detachable Weapon Mounts which are incompatible with MWMs.


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