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Author Topic: (Answered) Bulldozer rules in light of recent changes in TM  (Read 764 times)


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5.0 errata document for TM introduced a change to bulldozer construction rules (p. 242 TM) which makes it legal to mount a bulldozer blade at the back of a vehicle. Should this change be coupled with some changes in Bulldozers section on p. 131 TW? In particular:

1. The rules require a roll each time a vehicle equipped with a bulldozer balde takes damage to its front armor to see if the blade is destroyed. Shouldn't the rules say to make this check for a front-mounted blade each time front armor is damage, and for a rear-mounted blade each time rear armor is damaged?

2. Since the rules allow to mount a bulldozer blade at the front and/or rear of a vehicle, shouldn't there be a rule which says that to use the blade to clear a rubble from a hex (or to even enter the hex in case of wheeled vehicles) the blade needs to be mounted at the front of a vehicle if it is entering the hex moving forward, or at the back of the vehicle if it enters the hex moving backwards?

3. Shouldn't the rules that change the way damage is resolved in case of charges involving bulldozers (halving damage taken by the 'dozer, if it initiated the charge, doubling the damage to charged buildings) specify that they apply if the bulldozer blade involved is mounted in front of the vehicle if it is entering the hex containing charge's target moving forward, or at the back of the vehicle if it does so moving backwards? (I can see no rules in TW or BMM that would prohibit a unit from charging while moving backwards, not to mention that things like skids may even result in unintentional charges by units moving "sideways".)

Side note - if the rules for charge attacks involving bulldozers were changed to account for bulldozer blade position in relation to charge direction (as suggested in point 3 above), then perhaps similar changes to rules involving other equipment that modify charge resolution would be needed? Examples of such equipment in TW include chainsaws and dual saws - p. 134, heavy-duty pile drivers - p. 136, mining drills - p. 138, rock cutters - p. 140. I can check TO and IO for others if you need me to.
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Re: (Research) Bulldozer rules in light of recent changes in TM
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For the bulldozer, the newest errata specifies the location mounting the bulldozer, not just the front armour.

We've also clarified things in the newest errata to specify front-mounted for everything relevant (though the errata only specifically mentions bulldozers, the note was made to every item you list).
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