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Author Topic: (Research) Unloading units from Bays in Support Vehicles  (Read 101 times)

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(Research) Unloading units from Bays in Support Vehicles
« on: 14 October 2020, 18:02:45 »
On p. 207 of Total Warfare (2020 edition, 6th printing), it states ...
"Unless specifically noted otherwise, units use the same rules to mount and dismount from Support Vehicles as for mounting and dismounting from grounded aerospace units (see Carrying Units, p. 89, in the Aerospace Movement section)."

And on p. 91 of Total Warfare (2020 edition, 6th printing), it states ...
"Units carried by Small Craft and DropShips dismount into adjacent hexes (any adjacent hex, though the hex must be within two levels of the level of the underlying hex(s) of the aerospace unit), with a facing of their choice, and the dismounting unit must be able to enter the terrain (though a unit may use the Minimum Movement rule, p. 49, to enter a hex, but it still cannot be prohibited from entering that hex). The dismounting unit may not violate the stacking limits."

I'd just like to confirm that 'mechs and vehicles dismounting from Bays in Support Vehicles (and Large Support Vehicles) would also dismount into an adjacent hex (especially as dismounting into the same hex as an Large Support Vehicle would violate stacking), because I couldn't find anything suggesting otherwise. (While mounting a Support Vehicle (or Large Support Vehicle) is specified on p. 207 of Total Warfare.)

As I understand it ...
| Support Vehicle | Large Support Vehicle
Mount from | ... same hex | ... adjacent hex
Dismount to | ... adjacent hex | ... adjacent hex

(As a side note, this does mean that, while a unit can dismount from a naval Support Vehicle onto a adjacent non-water hex, it is not possible for a ground vehicle to mount a non-Large naval Support Vehicle, as it would have to enter the water hex to do so.)

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