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Title: (Answered) Voluntary shutdown PSR
Post by: Rougarou Rhapsody on 23 June 2022, 11:12:29
The rules in both total warfare and the battlemech manual state that when a mech shuts down the unit needs to make a PSR at a +3 to avoid falling.  It later states that a player can voluntarily shutdown, making a distinction between forced shutdowns and manual shutdowns.

 Does the unit have to make a PSR if the shutdown is voluntary in nature? The way the rules are written, it doesn't make a distinction between the 2 for purposes of the PSR and doesn't explicitly state that voluntary shutdown s do not require a PSR.....
Title: Re: Voluntary shutdown PSR?
Post by: Xotl on 23 June 2022, 12:31:06
We just resolved this one in the latest BMM errata / printing.  Voluntary shutdowns don't force a PSR, so there's no risk of a mechwarrior faceplanting every time they park their mech for the day.  You can see it in the current errata doc.