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Author Topic: (Answered) WiGE Backwards Movement  (Read 848 times)


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(Answered) WiGE Backwards Movement
« on: 13 March 2022, 12:08:05 »
So this came up in a discussion: is a WiGE Vehicle (under TW rules exclusively) able to use the "backwards movement" rules while landed?

Basically: the discussion boils down to whether a WiGE vehicle is "treated as a hover vehicle" while grounded, and is therefore exempt from the backwards movement prohibition for the motive type on TW page 55 (7th printing)

TW Page 55 Text (with what I consider important bolded):
While grounded, a WiGE vehicle has 1 Ground MP, and is considered a hover vehicle for terrain restrictions. A grounded WiGE vehicle can enter a hex using the Minimum Movement rule (see p. 49), provided it is not prohibited from entering that hex.
Water: All WiGE vehicles float on water and so treat water hexes as clear terrain, including when taking off and landing, though they cannot descend below Depth 0. When landed on water, these units are treated as naval vessels for purposes of line of sight, etc.
Backwards Movement: WiGE Vehicles cannot move backwards (see Backward Movement, p. 49).

The interpretation I see (based on its positioning) is that grounded WiGE vehicles are only treated as Hover Vehicles for the purposes of determining prohibited terrain, and follows all the other bolded text WiGE rules regardless of whether it is landed or not (such as how it interacts with water, buildings, roads, etc)

Edit: clarified + added printing/page numbers and exact text.
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Re: WiGE Backwards Movement
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Re: (Research) WiGE Backwards Movement
« Reply #2 on: 09 December 2022, 13:38:17 »
"WiGE vehicles cannot move backwards."  That's all there is to it.
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