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Author Topic: Do registered names that haven't been activated eventually become available?  (Read 1227 times)


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Tried registering through different msn accounts twice before I figured I used a different email provider and I'm figuring someone would like one of the names I tried registering with.

If you were trying using MSN or Hotmail, I've been manually deleting them after an hour assuming it's a failed login... Though it's funny to see them STILL cropping up now that I have the red warning in the register form AND the news item.
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If we had to use a new screen name to register because of initial use of a Hotmail address, is it possible to find out from you if we can use the original again or if someone else has actually used the screen name in between attempts to register?

Or do I just have to wait a bit longer and try and register the original name?



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oops, looks like I modified his post instead of replying.. doh...

In any case, it is possible to change the display name (what other people see) from your login name -- which is how I've been handling those. I'd prefer not to do too many of those -- so if possible please live with your second choice.
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