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Author Topic: Working and not working mail providers  (Read 1002 times)


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Working and not working mail providers
« on: 05 January 2019, 21:22:41 »
I didn't get any notifications since mid 2017 from this board, now switched to a gmail account and finally get them again.
I saw this behavior on other boards( for example), and I think my provider isn't the only one who blocks all mail traffic from a specific source.

Others having problems receiving mails from this board should post their mail provider here.
Same counts for those that do receive mails, they should also post their mail provider.
That way anyone in trouble can change his mail provider and get out of the Dark Age.

Mail providers working:
AOL Mail

Mail providers not working:
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Re: Working and not working mail providers
« Reply #1 on: 05 January 2019, 22:50:39 »
Good idea!

I'm 100% grognard, and can thus report AOL mail lets at least PM notifications through.