Clan Invasion (3050–3061)

A mysterious invading force strikes the coreward region of the Inner Sphere. The invaders, called the Clans, are descendants of Kerensky’s SLDF troops, forged into a society dedicated to becoming the greatest fighting force in history. With vastly superior technology and warriors, the Clans conquer world after world. Eventually this outside threat will forge a new Star League, something hundreds of years of warfare failed to accomplish. In addition, the Clans will act as a catalyst for a technological renaissance.

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Anastasius Focht appointed ComStar ambassador to the Clans, Clans invade Inner Sphere, Leo Showers killed, Battle for Wolcott, ComStar begins aiding the Clans, Federated Commonwealth retakes Twycross, Turtle Bay Massacre, Invasion halted
Ulric Kerensky voted Clan ilKhan, Natasha Kerensky named Khan of Clan Wolf, Reserve Clans brought in, Invasion resumes, Camelot Command taken by Clan Snord, Magistracy of Canopus makes overtures to Periphery states about Periphery-wide alliance
Battle for Luthien, Battle of Tukayyid, Demona Aziz rebels and forms Word of Blake,Thomas Marik named Primus-in-Exile of Word of Blake, Free Worlds League signs HPG service contract with Word of Blake, Romano Liao assassinated, Sun-Tzu Liao named Chancellor of Capellan Confederation, Sun-Tzu Liao betrothed to Isis Marik, ComStar Operation Scorpion takes place, Myndo Waterly assassinated, Sharilar Mori named Primus of ComStar, All Houses but Marik sign new service contracts with ComStar, Hanse Davion dies, Phelan Ward named saKhan of Clan Wolf, Clan Ghost Bear suspends individual engagement rules, New Belt Pirates formed
Terran Peace Summit takes place, ComStar begins announcing troop movements, Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission replaces ComStar Mercenary Review Board, ComStar University of Blake begins construction, Jeffrey Calderon and Emma Centrella begin secret negotiations
Takashi Kurita commits seppuku, Theodore Kurita named Draconis Combine Coordinator, Marian Hegemony invades Lothian League, Fuchida’s Fusiliers take control of Tortuga Dominions
Melissa Steiner-Davion assassinated, Thomas Calderon removed, Jeffrey Calderon named Taurian Concordat Protector of the Taurian Homeworlds, Taurian Concordat military buildup ends, Marian Hegemony conquers Lothian League
Federated Commonwealth officially formed, Ryan Steiner assassinated, Archon- Prince Victor Steiner-Davion takes command of Federated Commonwealth, Thomas Calderon dies, Taurian Concordat and Magistracy of Canopus sign Treaty of Taurus, Diplomatic channels between Capellan Confederation and Magistracy of Canopus reopen, Neil Avellar resigns, Mitchell Avellar named Outworlds Alliance Parliamentary President, Outworlds Alliance Long Road Program begins
Joshua Marik dies and is replaced with a double by Federated Commonwealth, Free Worlds League and Capellan Confederation invade Federated Commonwealth, Lyran Alliance formed, Isis Marik moves to Sian, Katrina Steiner named Archon of Lyran Alliance, Ulric Kerensky stripped of title of IlKhan, Refusal War, ComStar opens vaults of history to everyone
Thomas Marik discovered to be a double, Draconis Combine forces installed as peacekeepers in Chaos March, Clan Wolf becomes both Clan Jade Wolf and Clan Wolf-in-Exile, Word of Blake takes Terra, Elias Crichell named IlKhan and slain, Marthe Pryde named saKhan and later Khan of Clan Jade Falcon, Vlad Ward named Khan of Clan Jade Wolf and later Clan Wolf, Clan Jade Wolf becomes Clan Wolf, Invasion of Coventry, Black Dragon Society and others attempt to assassinate Theodore Kurita. First Whitting Conference results in founding of Second Star League, with Sun-Tzu Liao as First Lord. Smoke Jaguar Lincoln Osis elected ilKhan.
Clan Burrock absorbed by Star Adders. Harvest trials among the Clans. Star League launches Task Force Serpent and Operation Bulldog against Clan Smoke Jaguar. Clan Nova Cat declares their allegiance for the Star League. Smoke Jaguars forces in the the Inner Sphere flee to the Homeworlds. Clan Ghost Bear begins relocating their population and assets to the Inner Sphere.
Morgan Hasek-Davion murdered. Task Force Serpent assaults Smoke Jaguar homeworld of Huntress. Smoke Jaguars annihilated. Great Refusal ends the Clan invasion. Star League embassy set up on Strana Mechty. Nova Cats are Abjured and attacked by other Clans and forced to flee Homeworlds to settle in the Draconis Combine. Diana Pryde wins her Bloodname, despite being a freeborn warrior. Katherine Steiner-Davion assumes regency of Federated Suns.
War between Capellan Confederation and St. Ives Compact. Star League forces return to Inner Sphere. War between Jade Falcons and Steel Vipers results in Vipers abandoning their Inner Sphere possessions. Word of Blake’s Precentor Martial Trent Arian assassinated. Cameron St. Jamais succeeds him. Jeffrey Calderon killed on Detroit; Grover Shraplen becomes Protector of the Taurian Concordat. Second Whitting Conference held on Tharkad. Theodore Kurita elected First Lord. Victor Steiner-Davion joins ComStar as Precentor Martial.